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Ashok Honda


Ashok Honda, renowned Indian film producer, editor and director has been working in the Indian Film Industry since 1986. Over the course of his career, he has directed 5 films, edited over 80, and created over 120 promos and trailers for commercial films. Honda has also produced numerous commercials, documentaries, educational films and television programs under the banner of the eponymous film production company he created in 1993.

The company offers all post-production services under one roof with a number of fully equipped editing, sound recording and DVD mastering studios. Ashok Honda Productions is registered with the Film Makers Combine (membership no: 8010) which includes membership to the Indian Motion Picture Producers’ Association, the Film Producer’s Guild of India, the Western India Film Producers’ Association and the Association of Motion Picture and TV Producers.

Ashok Honda Productions

Production House

Ashok Honda Productions is a full-service Production House in Mumbai, India registered with the Film Makers Combine (#8010). Operational since 1993, Ashok Honda Productions has produced numerous feature films, commercials, documentaries, educational films and television programs, as well as recorded, mixed and mastered sound effects, background scores, film music and commercial songs for artists and filmmakers around the world.


The editing department comprises of 3 Final Cut Pro Suites for offline and online editing in HD, Digi, SD, SDI, DV, DVPro and HDDV formats.


One of India’s A-Grade studios, Sound of Music is a fully fitted recording, mixing and mastering studio that handles analogue and digital formats and includes a Solid State Logic console, Protools outfitted digital workstation, Studer Analogue Recorder and DynAudio and Genelex speakers.


Equipment includes the Sony DVW 500P digibeta and Sony 75P broadcast quality beta players and recorders. Services offered include DVD Authoring, Testing, Quality Control and Pre-Mastering.