The Film




Next Steps

Phase 1: Development and Fund-Raising

  • Raise capital of $10 million to finance the scripting and production.
  • Select the scriptwriter and compose the script, screenplay and storyboard.

Phase 2: Production

  • Planning the film including selection of key cast, technical crew and finalization of locations.
  • Hiring supporting cast and technical equipment, constructing sets, arranging for props, costumes, make-up etc.
  • The actual filming of the scenes on location in India.

Phase 3: Post-Production

  • Editing
  • Music Mixing, Mastering and Language Dubbing
  • Integrated Marketing Communications

Phase 4: Sales and Distribution

  • Premiere at major film festivals (Cannes, Berlin, Venice)
  • Distribution of film in all major territories in dubbed and subtitled versions in all major languages.