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"Works of love are works of peace."

"Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person."

- Mother Teresa

English_synopsis Woven over generations through parallel threads, this film tells the story of Mother Teresa and Kavita: two passionate and uncompromising women who come to discover their calling despite great internal struggle and doubt.

For the young Mother Teresa, her love for Jesus and her compassion for the outcasts of society mean everything. Following the call of God, she gives up everything she knows to devote herself wholeheartedly to the poor in the slums of Calcutta. Following years of building her order – today, the nearly 5,000-strong Missionaries of Charity – from the ground up, Mother Teresa feels more and more abandoned by God. Years of doubt and inner torment pass, but she battles through; her great faith fortifying her determination to follow God's call to the end. In doing so, her life becomes an inspiration to thousands who even today devote themselves to restoring human dignity and providing solace to the poor across the globe.

Meanwhile in present-day New York, Kavita, a young Indian woman battles her own demons: the bleak emptiness of feeling unloved and in turn, unable to love. She is torn by an unsatisfying romantic relationship, her eager parents’ plans to wed her according to Indian tradition and an unexpected pregnancy. Her conflicts lead her to confront her Indian roots and her family's history on a trip to Calcutta, where she discovers Mother Teresa’s values and convictions through charitable work with the Missionary Sisters. Inspired by the apostle of the poor, Kavita begins to adopt Mother Teresa's vision in her own life. On her path to self-discovery she learns to accept herself as she is; to take responsibility for herself and to care for others. Through her eyes, we are taken on an incredible journey to discover Mother Teresa’s faith and courage and to see first-hand the way it inspires Kavita to master her life.