Script Financing

This website is the starting point of the Zariya Foundation’s desire to involve its contributors and well-wishers in the creation and realization of the Mother Teresa film. Much more than crowd-funding, we wanted to give our donors a chance to really own and feel connected to our film and to support Mother Teresa’s cause through it.

Now, contributors can sponsor a scene from the final script!

The pursuit of authenticity and the highest quality standards for the production extends naturally to the screenplay. The budget for research and development of a professional screenplay is between $ 350,000 and $ 500,000. The development of an existing scene from the treatment (an overview of the script without dialogues) by a reputed scriptwriter will therefore cost between $ 3,500 and $ 5,000 per scene depending on its length and significance to the plot.

Each scene supporter will be given a certificate which will contain one given scene that will make it into the film.

The Zariya Foundation remains grateful for contributions of any amount. All donations above SFr. 50 are tax-deductible for Swiss residents. All donors contributing over $3,500 will be acknowledged on this website under the section Sponsorship/Our Supporters unless otherwise requested.



Where is your money going

Here are some of the ways our scriptwriter may put it to use:

$ 50: to purchase an official, licensed biography of Mother Teresa for research

$ 100: can finance multiple documentaries to help our scriptwriter understand Mother’s actions, her behaviour and Kolkata in the 1930s

$ 250: can cover the electricity bill for the use of his or her laptop!

$ 500: pays for four weeks of intensive writing thanks to take-aways and frozen dinners

$ 1,000: funds intensive research about Bengali culture

$ 2,000: will answer questions and enable visits to experts who knew Mother Teresa in person

$ 3,500: completes the scene where Mother Teresa heroically saves her Sisters from an angry bull! (Donors will receive their scene(s) on completion of the screenplay)

$ 5,000: will build the touching love-story between two key characters - Deepali and Somnath (Donors will receive their scene(s) on completion of the screenplay)