Tax Exemption for Indian Donors

INDIA: Thanks to the tireless efforts of Tecnova India pvt. ltd. and Indu Shrikent, settlor of the Zariya Charitable Trust, we are delighted to finally be able to offer Indian donors 80G tax exemption.

SWITZERLAND: The Zariya Foundation was established in Basel-Stadt in 2010 on the occasion of Mother Teresa’s 100th birth centenary and is tax exempt for Swiss donors. Ernst & Young have been retained as auditor of the foundation and the production company. Thierry Cagianut, senior associate with law firm Baldi & Caratsch, with over 15 years of film production experience in New York, is the President of the Zariya Foundation.

UNITED STATES: American donors are eligible for tax exemption on their contributions via Urbi et Orbi Communications, a 501(c)(3) recognized public charity.