Foundation Overview


On the occasion of Mother Teresa's centenary birthday in 2010, the Zariya Foundation was established. It aims to alleviate the suffering of the poor, abandoned, sick and dying and to uplift the standards of health and education for the youth across the world. The foundation is domiciled in and has been registered as a non-profit Swiss foundation with the Registry of Commerce of the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

The "Kavita & Teresa" charity film has the following objectives:

  • Inspiration: Viewers are inspired to engage with their own values.
  • Transformation: The film encourages viewers to develop Mother Teresa's vision of "Love in Action" and to practice empathy, respect, and love in their personal lives.
  • Improving the living conditions of the poorest of the poor: All revenue from the film will go to organizations that take care of poor, ill, disabled, and abandoned children.
Mother Teresa Holding Child

Mission & Goals

The Zariya Foundation intends to raise $4 million internationally to produce a charity motion picture on the basic on Mother Teresa's vision and message (Love in Action). Apart from the costs of production, the film is entirely not-for-profit. All the revenues generated by the film will go to charitable institutions or foundations that work for the poor, the sick and abandoned or handicapped children. Ernst & Young, one of the largest and most reputable auditing firms will act as auditor of the Foundation and will ensure that all the proceeds are spent in accordance with the goal of the Foundation.

Mother Teresa
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