Zariya Foundation Presents
Kavita & Teresa
A contemporary drama and an epic biopic

Our Mission

The Zariya Foundation was created in 2010 on the occasion of Mother Teresa's birth centenary. We aim to alleviate the suffering of the poor, abandoned, sick and dying and to uplift the standards of health and education for the youth around the world.

The first project

Kavita & Teresa is a not for profit film that celebrates Mother Teresa's message in a modern context, the proceeds of which go in their entirety towards providing healthcare, education and support to those in greatest need. Our vision?


International audiences of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to work towards their personal goals and to stick with it through times of hardship. The film invites them to explore the meaning and implication of the values most important to them.


The film encourages viewers to develop Mother Teresa's vision of "Love in Action" and to practice empathy, respect, and love in their personal lives.


The conditions of the poor and standards of health and education via grassroots donations.

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Message from the Founders

The shock to meet poorest street children in Mumbai, India, moved us into ‘action’. The painting of Mother Teresa in a Bollywood film studio was the actual spark to establish the Zariya Foundation.

Zariya is Urdu and means ‘source’. Our first project is the innovative and effective feature film Kavita & Teresa. It is based on Mother Teresa’s vision and work and it shows the ‘woman behind the Saint’ with all her doubts. It inspires international audiences of all age and population groups to live a live with respect, tolerance and compassion in their daily lives. All proceeds generated by the film will support grassroots programs and foundations that work for the destitute, the sick, the disabled and abandoned children and orphans, uplifting the standards of healthcare and education for those who need it the most. The Zariya Foundation and the Kavita & Teresa charity movie are founded by Jacqueline and Richard Fritschi-Cornaz. This feature film is created to be a visionary and sustainable, multiple instrument.

Click here for the full interview from Dr. HANS CHRISTIAN MEISER, Editor in Chief, DIE GAZETTE, April 2019, with Jacqueline Fritschi-Cornaz.

About Zariya Foundation

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