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Corporate Contributions

Donations to the Zariya Foundation for the distribution of the charity film ”Mother Teresa & Me” have diverse effects:

  • Support for the distribution of this unique humanitarian film
  • Mother Teresa’s vision is conveyed to a global audience, and most particularly to young age groups
  • The film inspires viewers to engage with their own values and to practice empathy, respect, and love within their own families and with those around them (“Love in Action”)
  • The film inspires its audience to create and follow their own vision.

All film revenue will benefit institutions engaged in improving the situation of the poorest of the poor, in particular children with respect to their education and health care.

Three reasons to donate

As a donor you have the opportunity to create value with global impact. You will reach all age and population groups, so your engagement will also boost the value of your brand.

Show your customers that you can incorporate corporate social responsibility into your business activities. In this way you acquire public visibility, profile and trust. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can be made visible through your support of an emotionally powerful film, and will achieve an additional dimension by being shared on social media.

Get your company involved through sponsorship. Diverse sponsorship options are available. The Zariya Foundation will help you to do cross-media work – contact us for a customized solution. Let’s work together to find a win-win situation for both partners.