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Make a donation

The Zariya Foundation wholeheartedly thanks all private donors, companies, and organizations for their financial support, pro-bono activities and sharing the word, without which the production and successful distribution of the Mother Teresa & Me charity film would not have been possible.

The Zariya Foundation is registered with the Swiss canton of Basel-Stadt as a non-profit foundation.

If your tax domicile is in Switzerland, your contribution is deductible. EY have been retained as auditors of the Zariya Foundation and will ensure that all revenues from the film go to institutions or foundations in line with the objectives of the Zariya Foundation.

Bank Transfer

Please make your donations out to ‘Zariya Stiftung.’ Our bank information follows:

Account name: Zariya Stiftung
Account number: 0835-1601252-01
IBAN: CH02 0483 5160 1252 0100 0
Credit Suisse (CH) AG
Postbox 4879
CH-8070 Zürich


Please make your cheques payable to ‘Zariya Stiftung’ and post to this address:
Zariya Foundation
c/o Baldi & Caratsch
Zeltweg 44
8032 Zürich
Tel: +41 (0)44 250 25 25