Tax Deductions


The Zariya Foundation is a nonprofit Swiss foundation that is domiciled in and has been registered with the Registry of Commerce of the Canton of Basel-Stadt. It has been granted tax exempt status and donations will be deducted from income tax in all cantons of Switzerland. 10% of all Swiss donations will go directly to a charitable institution that works to alleviate the suffering of the poor, abandoned, sick and dying and to uplift the standards of health and education; the remainder to finance the making of the film. A letter confirming the contribution amount will be sent to all donors for tax-filing purposes.

All donations made over the internet and all international donations (which are not received by one of the other two entities listed on this page) will be received and processed by the Zariya Foundation, Switzerland.

Zariya Stiftung
c/o Baldi & Caratsch
Zeltweg 44
8032: Zürich
Tel: +41 (0)44 250 25 25

United States

The Zariya Foundation operates in the US through 501(c)(3) non-profit Urbi et Orbi Communications. All contributions are tax-deductible under U.S. law; donors will receive a receipt to be used for tax filing purposes.

Zariya Foundation
c/o Urbi et Orbi Communications
3050 Gap Knob Road
New Hope, KY 40053
Tel: 270-325-3061


The Zariya Charitable Trust was established in India in 2014 and received tax exemption 80G shortly thereafter, which entitles donors to receive a deduction on 50% of the contribution amount. Please contact us before making a donation; we will gladly advise you on the most suitable method of contribution so the funds can be utilized for the making of the film and according to your wishes. A letter confirming the contribution amount will be sent to all donors for tax-filing purposes.

Zariya Charitable Trust
D-248, IInd Floor, Defense Colony,
New Delhi - 110024, India.

  • If you are a resident or national of Switzerland, the US or India, your contribution is tax deductable. Ernst & Young have been retained as auditors of the Zariya Foundation and will ensure that all revenues from the film go to institutions or foundations in line with the objectives of the Zariya Foundation.

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